The following are helpful steps in accomplishing the build of your experimental aircraft:

  • Decide on what to build and whether you want to do it on your own or get help from Bend Builder's Assist.
    • When choosing an aircraft you will consider the number of seats, aerobatic capability, taildragger or tricycle, removable wings, etc.
    • When considering the build process you will want to take into account your experience and skill level with building aircraft.
    • Do you have an available build facility/tools?
    • What is the best kit to meet your needs and budget?
  • Contact us at Bend Builder's Assist and we will explore your requirements and let us help you decide how much assistance you may need with each part of the build process.
  • Come to Bend Builder's Assist and we will provide one-on-one assistance with your build.
    • Bend Builder's Assist is not a one-size-fits-all classroom.  We provide hands-on instruction.  
      This ensures that you will acquire the skills and confidence to complete your aircraft.
    • The FAA airworthiness certification process requires 51% of the build be accomplished by the builder.  
      Bend Builder's Assist will ensure this regulation is met by making sure you are involved in each portion of the build.
    • A build log of the assembly is kept as documentation that can be handed over to the inspector.
    • Bend Builder's Assist will do as much or as little as you wish (being careful to stay within the 51% rule.)
  • All work and no play doesn't make sense in Bend, Oregon!
     No matter what time of year, there is always something spectacular to do and see in Bend.